Embracing #Bendgate: 6 Brands That Did it Best

Soon after Apple’s new iPhones went on sale last Friday, rumors began to surface that the iPhone 6 plus literally bends under pressure. When brand-damaging videos emerged, the company’s stock quickly plummeted and Twitter exploded with #Bendgate tweets. Eager to get in on the social media conversation, brands like Heineken, Coca Cola, Pringles and Papa Johns offered their spin on #Bendgate. Continue reading “Embracing #Bendgate: 6 Brands That Did it Best”

Seven Essential Apps for Students

This past summer, I spent a lot of time sitting on my couch with my puppy, Max, reading; I was determined to get through the Hunger Games trilogy. Though Suzanne Collins had my attention firmly hooked, there were multiple instances when a buzz from my cell phone would lift me from the perils of Panem and suck me right into the Internet. Check Instagram, check Facebook, check Twitter, add photo of Max being adorable to my Snapstory (she is seldom still enough to Snap, so this was monumental), and once I felt sufficiently updated, I would return to my book.
Now that summer is over, my phone has taken on a new role: helping me stay organized. Here in Boston, there are thousands of students pursuing an array of different degrees, but who all share the need to stay organized and on task. Nowadays, students have apps at their disposal that help them complete their work and stay connected. Some apps help me stay in touch with my parents and siblings when I’m away and others assist me in my personal life, but the academic apps are the ones I most commonly use throughout the school year. Continue reading “Seven Essential Apps for Students”

#AppleLive: A Product Recap & Key PR Lessons

Unless you were completely disconnected for the last month, you most likely heard the countless rumors circulating about Apple’s September 9 new product announcements. Well, the wait is finally over, and on Tuesday, the tech giant announced two new phones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and their first-ever wearable device, the Apple Watch. While the unveiling of new Apple products is always a highly-anticipated and exciting event, it’s also interesting to look at the bigger picture and see what lessons can be learned from the situation. From the ever-growing hype surrounding the announcement, to the public’s unwavering fascination and support of Apple products, to the crisis when the livestream failed to play, Apple serves as a valuable teaching model for public relations professionals. Continue reading “#AppleLive: A Product Recap & Key PR Lessons”