Smart House: Not Just a Disney Movie

It’s been a long day at work and as you open the front door to your house, you realize how happy you are to be home. The familiar comforts and smells welcome you back as you walk into your living room and plop down on the couch. “Siri, I’m home!” you announce. The lights near […]

Don't Make These Social-Media Blunders That Businesses Keep Repeating

The following article, written by BIGfish president David Gerzof Richard, was originally published on  Whether you are bringing a new venture to market or marketing an existing brand, sooner or later (probably much sooner) you will find the need to participate in some form of social-media engagement. When you do, you better have a […]

BIGfish Joins Client Glori Energy in Ringing the NASDAQ Closing Bell

BIGfish president David Gerzof Richard and account director and partner Meredith Frazier recently took a road trip to New York City to join client Glori Energy in ringing the NASDAQ closing bell. Glori (NASDAQ: GLRI) is an energy technology company known for its AERO System, a highly efficient, biotechnology process for increasing oil recovery from […]

The Power of Thick Data

thick data

Thick Data. What is it? In recent years, there has been a lot of hype around “big” data in the marketing world. Big data is extremely helpful with gathering quantitative information about new trends, behaviors and preferences, so it’s no wonder companies invest a lot of time and money sifting through and analyzing massive sets […]

#WWDC14 Spotlights the Best to Come at Apple

Although techies from around the globe predictably flock to Apple’s famous World Wide Developers Conference, each year brings a new and unexpected twist to Apple’s established line of hardware and software; and this year was no exception. Beginning with the introduction of the next operating system for Mac and ending with improved developer features (including […]