The Red & Pink Equal Sign That Went Viral

equal sign

If you’ve logged into Facebook or Twitter today, chances are you’ve seen it: a pink equal sign over a red background. The image has taken social media by storm today thanks to the Human Rights Campaign, which is promoting the symbol to mobilize supporters for marriage equality. Today marks the first day the Supreme Court […]

Happy 7th Birthday, Twitter! Welcome to the World of Targeted Ads.

Today marks Twitter’s seventh birthday, and in honor of the occasion we’re dissecting the latest news from the Twittersphere: Twitter now offers targeted advertising tools for businesses. In the past, some advertisers noted that they were unsure whether their Twitter ad messages were reaching the right consumers. In August, Twitter revealed their plans to implement […]

Facebook “Likes” Reveal More Than You Think

Here’s a finding you may not be a fan of: the seemingly innocent act of “Liking” something on Facebook may reveal much more about your personal life than you intended. While it does seem pretty obvious that Liking something on Facebook will reveal some information about your personal life – perhaps your minor cat obsession […]

YouTube: Taking a Brand’s Online Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

Back in January, we wrote a blog post arguing why brands should extend their online presence beyond Facebook and Twitter and into the YouTube realm in order to effectively reach online consumers. As the most used site among online consumers and the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is an untapped gold mine […]