Event PR Outreach, GDGT’s First Boston Event

The Client GDGT is a new type of social platform that connects technology enthusiasts with each other in a tech-friendly, online community through their love they have for gadgets. GDGT was founded by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, two icons in the technology blogosphere who together built Engadget, Gizmodo and a number of other top […]

How to Survive during the S1 "Quiet Period"

By Christine Lovallo When you first are told that your client is thinking about going public, excitement strikes! You have successfully created influential marketing materials and gained prestigious media exposure. All your hard work is paying off. Although filing an IPO elicits excitement for positive changes, it is important to note that the client will […]

MoMa's "Talk to Me" Exhbit Opens with Vitality GlowCaps

Yesterday, the MoMa’s Talk to Me exhibit opened with great success as people from around the world explored the communication between people and things. Vitality GlowCaps was just one of the many innovative objects that utilizes an everyday object, the amber pill bottle, to communicate to patients.

Vitality GlowCaps Featured in MoMA Exhibit "Talk to Me"

GlowCaps Featured in MoMA Exhibit Boston, MA – Jul. 20, 2011 – GlowCaps™, the first wireless Internet-connected smart pill bottle that helps people take their medication, will be part of The Museum of Modern Art’s presentation of Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects, which will run from July 24 to […]

CNN Features Glori Energy’s Sustainable Process

Using technology originally developed in India, Houston-based Glori is using a novel system to stimulate the growth of bacteria in an oil well. As the bacteria grow on the droplets of oil, it becomes slicker and allows it to flow more easily. “Our strategy is to go from brute force to biology,” said Glori chief […]

What the Frack?

By Christine Lovallo :: Over the past few weeks, the media has exploded with a variety of opinions and attitudes to hydraulic fracturing – also known as “fracking’’. This method of producing natural gas has received scrutiny across the country due to concerns that it may be polluting the drinking water in the regions of Texas, […]

The Wall Street Journal Features Vitality GlowCaps as a Top Connected Device

David Rose, chief executive of Vitality, says the company’s philosophy is about “understanding how people use everyday objects around us and trying to animate those with some additional service.” The caps caught the attention of comedian Stephen Colbert. In a segment on his TV show, he showed company footage of a girl talking about how […]

Coatue: Testimonial

Check out this testimonial BIGfish received from a client: “We sent BIGfish out with the goal to get us seen by AMD and Intel, they did their job and we sold the company to AMD in under 18 months.” – Aaron Mandell, co-founder Coatue Corp.

USA Today features Unsubscribe.com

“Our personal data has moved from the PC to places like Facebook where malicious apps can connect to your data,” says James Siminoff, CEO of Unsubscribe. “Most people have no idea how much stuff an app can access, and this access can be sold without you knowing it.”

Google+: A brand new – and still developing – social network. Can it last?

By Santiago Nocera Early last week, Google hit the news with their latest development. By now, everyone has heard of Google+, the latest platform in the world of social media and the company’s third attempt at a social networking site. Could this third time be the charm? After months of leaks and speculation, Google+ was […]