Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Portfolio Company, Luca Technologies, Featured in The Washington Post

Luca Technologies owns and operates wells and infrastructure, then sells natural gas into existing markets. Its end users include power utilities, and government entities that use natural gas for power production.

Bloomberg Features Phononic Devices' Breakthrough Technology

About 55 percent of all energy consumed in the U.S. returns to the environment as wasted heat, according to energy systems analyst A.J. Simon of the Energy Dept.’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Traditional thermoelectric devices used for cooling are quiet, compact, and reliable, but efficiency has been very low since they were first commercialized more than 25 years ago. McCann’s breakthrough could make them more efficient by using new materials.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Portfolio Company, Luca Technologies, Featured in The New York Times

Luca Technologies, a startup which uses biotech to produce natural gas via naturally occurring microbes in coal beds, has filed to raise up to $125 million in an IPO, according to its S-1 filing. Luca plans to go public under the symbol LUCA.

CNN Recommends Unsubscribe.com’s Social Monitor to Help People Manage Facebook Privacy

Facebook users forge these ties when they install a Facebook application from a company, click a “Like” button on a company page or log into many third-party websites by using their Facebook accounts. In many cases, these actions also cause unknowing users to fork over their names, lists of friends, e-mail and home addresses, phone numbers and other personal info.

The Social Monitor tool was developed by Unsubscribe.com, which provides a popular service for opting out of unwanted mass e-mails. While investigating the market, Unsubscribe.com researchers discovered some unsettling trends with Facebook usage.

Cue Acoustics' wireless PS1 speakers featured on Gizmodo

Don’t let the looks fool you. Cue Acoustics’ wireless PS1 speakers aspire to not only exist alongside larger (and more expensive) tower speakers often coveted by audiophiles, but also among streaming audio devices. And these don’t need a subwoofer either, because it’s built-in.

The Next Web Highlights Unsubscribe.com's New Social Monitor

My bet is that you’d be really surprised to see how many apps and sites that you’ve given access to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. While the overwhelming majority of sites don’t have anything nefarious planned, there’s always the bad egg.

Unsubscribe.com featured on Wall Street Journal's "All Things Digital"

Giving new Web services and apps your social login data makes them more useful and personal, and some new ones won’t even let you register unless you connect Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
But there’s no great way to keep track of all that sharing, and it is far too easy for a service to misuse access to highly personal information like the identity of your family and significant other, your birthday, your photos, even your friends’ religious and political views. Once you click yes on that little dialog permission box, you probably never think about it again.

Unsubscribe.com’s New Social Monitor featured on TechCrunch

Unsubscribe shows you all the apps with access to your data via those three platforms (Google and Yahoo logins are coming next). It also shows you the relative level of access each app has to your data, along with color-coded reputation shield and a recommendation to remove the app, be cautious, or keep it. And then with one unsubscribe button, you can revoke access to any app. By default, if you haven’t used an app in more than 90 days, it suggests you remove it.

Cue Acoustics PS1 wireless speakers featured in Engadget

Vitalty Glowcaps featured in Wired Magazine