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By Lauren Mosenthal
What does it take to successfully launch a BlackBerry App?  BIGfish and found a cosmopolitan mix of a press release, premeditative press briefings, creative hand-outs with promo codes, t-shirts with catchy phrases, a creative info-graphic explaining the spam industry and a solid team determined to help people easily clean their email inbox does the trick.
James Siminoff being interviewed by Ewan MacLeod from Mobile Industry Review.’s BlackBerry App safely eliminates unwanted email directly from an owner’s handheld device.  Once installed, an option will appear in the Blackberry email menu below the delete options.  Here is a visual example of how the app works:
Yes, it is that easy to get rid of those nasty email marketing newsletters.  Users can even unsubscribe when they are offline, or not in a service area!  To download the app, go to on your BlackBerry.
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