Wired Mag Talks up RunKeeper

“RunKeeper is an iPhone app that uses the GPS functionality of the iPhone 3G and 3GS to track your progress on a variety of activities including running, cycling, hiking, skiing and others.” Click here to read the full article

MoGo Talk for BlackBerry announced on CrunchGear

“If you watched in agony as the very-cool MoGo Talk Bluetooth iPhone headset was announced and given away here on CrunchGear while your BlackBerry sat idly on your desk, take heart. The BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Javelin versions are coming…” Click here to read the full article

David Rose on how his new company will get people to take their medicine – SEED Magazine

“The company’s first product, the GlowCap Solo, is an electronic cap that fits on a standard prescription bottle and reminds people to take their medicine via blinking lights and sounds. Its successor, the GlowCap Connect, will be able to subtly collect information from users in the process, enabling automatic refills and a network of adherence-boosting […]

New MoGo Talk bluetooth headset reviewed on PCMag.com

“Newton Peripherals is already famous for its MoGo Mouse, a mouse that hides in a laptop’s PC Card slot. Now the company is applying that same principle to a Bluetooth headset.” Click here to read the full article

Rive Technology Profiled in MIT Technology Review

“In an effort to make gasoline production cleaner and more efficient, Rive Technology of Cambridge, MA, is developing a catalyst that can help turn a greater percentage of crude petroleum into gasoline and other usable products.” Click here to read the full article

Gmail Push for iPhone by Tiverias Apps Reviewed on TechCrunch

“You’d think on a phone that can do as many cool things as the iPhone, push email through one of the world’s most popular email services, Gmail, would be one of them. But for some reason, Google and Apple haven’t turned on the functionality for Gmail accounts on the iPhone.” Click here to read the […]