Fortune Small Business coverage for Open Blue Sea Farms on!

“Fish stocks are being rapidly depleted the world over. Consumer demand seems bottomless, and industrial fishing fleets have become too efficient for their own good. Ocean stocks of large fish – such as tuna, cod and halibut – have declined by 90% in the past 50 years…”
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Man in iPhone App Costume Runs the Boston Marathon

This was a great promotion for an iPhone Application called RunKeeper which came out of the Social Media and Marketing class that BIGfish’s Founder, Dave Gerzof, teaches at Emerson College.

MassHighTech names Rive Technology as Startup To Watch, featured on their home page

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GreatPoint Energy on front page of CNET!

“Most people associate green tech with renewable energy–sun, wind, biomass, geothermal. In reality, a lot of energy technology is aimed at making conventional fuels cleaner, which is exactly GreatPoint Energy’s mission: to convert dirty coal into cleaner-burning natural gas and to bury carbon dioxide emissions underground.”
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Rocketvox wins SlashGear’s Best of CTIA, New Online Service!


“We saw RocketVox at ShowStoppers and I was immediately impressed by it. The service creates an aggregate inbox for all of your communication (chat, email, voicemail, IM, fax, etc.) and also provides a phone number for calls to be directed to multiple cell phones if you have them, much like Google Voice.”

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PhoneTag Profiled on App Scout

“…voice mail is losing its allure, particularly to younger generations who have grown up using text messaging and instant messaging.”
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Rocketvox wins CNET’s Best of CTIA for best software!

“RocketVox has all the makings of a successful service–a gorgeous interface, broad appeal, and stacks of features.”
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Vitality GlowCaps Named One of the Top 5 Products at ShowStoppers CTIA

“GlowCap is prescription bottle with a special cap that uses a wireless connection to keep track of a patient and their prescription-taking behavior. The cap can communicate with doctors to let them know if the patient is taking their medications or not, and will also remind the patient that they have to take the pill. It can also communicate to family members through phone calls.”
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Check Out Vitality GlowCaps in the New York Times

“The GlowCap is a screw-on cap for a standard prescription medicine bottle, but it has a sensor and transmitter embedded. Using your computer, you program when the pills need to be taken, then at the appointed time, a light on the cap flashes. After a half-hour, a three-tone alert sounds, then a five-tone alert. If the bottle still has not been opened, the system makes an automated reminder phone call to the patient or a caregiver.”
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