Powered up GreatPoint Energy’s website – Check out the new design


USA Today's Ed Baig interviews David Gerzof about Newber

SimulScribe Rebranding to PhoneTag on TechCrunch

“Siminoff has been looking for a new name for two years, one with a domain that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Finally, a few months ago after a red-eye flight from LA to New York, after not returning many phone calls for days, a friend left a message saying he was tired of playing phone tag. Siminoff immediately called his chief marketing officer (at 6:30 in the morning) and told him to buy the domain.”
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RiveTech Profiled in Diesel Fuel Refiner

“New Jersey-based Rive Technology announced Jan. 13 that it’s opening a new R&D facility focused on commercializing new
zeolite catalysts that would boost diesel and gasoline yields compared to conventional zeolites.”
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BIGfish refines Rive Technology's website with a redesign and relaunch


Newber Makes a splash on CNET

“Although Freedom Voice submitted Newber to Apple for approval to sell it in the iTunes store in October, Apple has not approved the app for distribution. It hasn’t denied it, either. In fact, Apple will not tell Freedom Voice anything about the disposition of its review except that it’s “taking longer than expected” to review the app.”
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C-Remote CEO and Vitality's GlowCaps President Guests on CNN

Rive Technology Officially Opens Its New Jersey Pilot Plant and R&D Facility Today

“The R&D facility will support the development of Rive’s proprietary catalyst technology which significantly increases the yields of transportation fuels produced from a barrel of crude oil and enables refiners to improve throughput and boost profitability.”
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BIGfish at CES 2009

The serious side of the BIGfish Team leaving CES.

BIGfish’s booth location in South Hall Three for CES 2010 where we will have the hottest products from the coolest technology companies we work with.

One of the Blogger only reporting Rooms at CES